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Testimonials - Emily

Emily is intuitive, has extensive knowledge in reflux and is keen to support baby development. She is also very calm and easy to be around, it was important to us to have someone of that nature. Emily's knowledge and bond with my son allowed me to leave my son with her without worry. Emily was trustworthy and super caring of our little boy. Emily attended a number of doctors and consultation appointments with us to support his jabs and reflux management. Emily was always calm and supportive in these instances. I would have loved to have kept Emily on as full time maternity support had she not had other commitments. We are truly sad to see her go. 

K.T. - North London 

Emily is a brilliant, intuitive, and knowledgeable maternity nurse. We were motivated to employ someone to have practical help in those early, mad days (not least because I would be recovering from a planned c section) but also to help us to understand how to take care of our baby, and to learn good habits moving forwards. We were incredibly lucky to find Emily. She brought a wealth of experience and educated insight to the role – understanding what our son needed at that stage, guiding us on how to read his cues and navigate the practicalities of a newborn, as well as helping us to establish good patterns that we could build on moving forwards. She is responsive to parents and how they want to take care of the baby, but also to the personality of the baby themselves, so that realistic routines can be put in place (if that is what you wish for). We found her knowledge of development to be invaluable, so that we could learn what to expect over the upcoming weeks and how to respond. Emily is an excellent maternity nurse, and I would have no hesitation hiring her again, or entrusting her with the care of our son in the future. She has our strongest recommendation.

S.B. - Cambridge

Emily came to us for emergency cover when my son was 5 months, she fitted in immediately in a busy household and spotted right away the problems the baby was having with allergies and reflux. She managed to get him into a routine, sleeping better at night within a week, and a happier baby all round. She was amazing with my 3 year old son and helped me when she could see I needed support but was always respectful. She was very discreet within the house and was also proactive with the baby, activities and weaning. I was very confident in her abilities and trusted her completely. I have no hesitation recommending her for a similar position or a nanny position. 

G.R. - Central London


Emily has helped us so much over the last few months, she has supported us in caring for our premature little girl and now has her in the most fantastic routine. Emily came into our home and seamlessly worked out the support and advice we needed and helped to build our confidence after many weeks in hospital with our 2lb 10oz little lady.

L.F. - Cornwall

Emily looked after our boy a few days a week from the ages of 2 - 4 months (approx). She was absolutely fantastic - extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of infant care, and a big help to us as first -time parents. It was great to have her in the house looking after him, I absolutely trusted her to look after him in any way when we went back to work. She also helped us get a formal diagnosis for his issues with acid reflux, got him started on sleep-training for nursery, and helped us understand our baby's cues better. H really bonded with her, and loved playing with her as he was learning to sit up, smile and handle his first toys. I'd recommend her to any parents in a heartbeat. 

L.G. - Cambridge

Emily helped us with our newborn from 4 - 8 weeks. She was very knowledgeable in newborn care (feeding, sleeping and wellbeing) and helped us to put in place a routine which suited the family. She was very warm and caring both with our newborn and her toddler sister. Emily was very easygoing and flexible and fitted in very well with our family. We would wholeheartedly recommend her to any family, no question.

E.P. - Cambridgeshire

Emily came after another unprofessional maternity nurse, my daughter didn't have a good routine and many other issues. Emily came and adjusted things very fast, in a day she had already changed some ways and by 1 week things began to be much better. Emily also helped us diagnose my daughters diary allergy, so in few weeks she stopped having bad nights and started sleeping through the night. We found Emily very pleasant, knowledgeable, professional and what is important to us flexible. Whatever i asked of her to achieve with my daughter she did. She stayed with us longer as we had to travel to Middle East and she accompanied us there and set everything up. Emily has wide knowledge and is still educating herself. I would highly recommend her for your newborn whether its a day old or several weeks old baby who needs a change of routine. I myself will book her again for my next child.

K.S. - Surrey and Middle East

Emily was extremely competent and professional. She clearly has great experience of working with babies and children of all ages She is very calm and relaxed. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Emily to other families.

V.C. - Leicestershire

Emily was a great help during her time with us - relaxed patient and experienced in assisting with small children. I would not hesitate to recommend Emily to other friends.

N.T. - Central London


Emily started with us when my 2nd daughter was born. My older children were 2 and nearly 5. She was very capable to care for my daughter and seemed to cherish the time with her. She was very confident with the baby and including the other children in what she was doing. Emily's timekeeping is impeccable and she is extremely reliable. I would definitely recommend her as a maternity Nurse. If she lived locally i wouldn't hesitate in asking her to work for me. The children adore her and often ask when they will see Emily again. Soon hopefully!!! ​
E.D. - Leicestershire


Emily was friendly and relaxed and we instantly felt comfortable leaving our four month old son with her. He was so chilled out that we can only think he enjoyed his time with Emily!! I certainly felt relaxed the whole time he was with her.

K.C. - French Alps


It was the first time I had left V. apart from with my parents for a few hours and I needn't have worried at all! Emily did a fantastic job and we were really happy with her .​

S.T. - French Alps

She was just so lovely, she was like a breath of fresh air! She was very easy to have around. She fitted in, and she wasn't someone who felt strange to have around. She was great with suggesting ideas and suggesting different ways of caring for him.

E.S. - Central London

She is an absolute gem. I would give Emily 10 out of 10! I will formally send you something when it’s a bit quieter but please be assured that we couldn’t be happier and plan to have her back next year too!

M.B. - West London

Thanks for all your help with K, you were absolutely brilliant and J and I are very grateful.

L.F. - North Wales

Emily was extremely competent and professional. She supported with bathing, changing , bottle feeding and playing with the girls. During bath time Emily advised on some massage techniques. We now use these and this makes bath time a much more pleasant and calm experience. One of the girls suffers from reflux and again Emily used her experience to suggest pace feeding which she demonstrated to us and we now use this method. Emily clearly has great experience of working with babies and children of all ages. She is very calm and relaxed. This really helped when trying to settle the girls at nap time. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Emily to other families. We appreciate all of her help and were sorry that she was unable to stay for a longer period!

J.K. - Cheltenham

Thank you so much for looking after our babies this week. They have clearly had the most wonderful time and we have really been able to enjoy ourselves knowing they are in such safe hands! A huge thank you!

C.S. - France

Emily worked as a maternity nurse for us 24/5 for 6 weeks, helping us look after our twins who were one month old when she started with us. She was a wonderful maternity nurse. Very good with the babies and empathetic to their moods and needs, and friendly and relaxed, fitting in easily and flexibly with the household and family, for example, flexible about times for a breaks etc and fitting in with whatever was going on. One of the twins had bowel problems, lots of discomfort, crying and sleeplessness at night and she was very caring and patient with him. Emily was also very flexible and kind in the way she helped us when me (mum was in and out of hospital), even staying over night on the floor on cushions in the hospital to help with the babies!

She has been successfully helping us work towards more of a routine at night, encouraging the babies to sleep slightly longer between feeds at night.  We wish she could stay with us for longer!

E.W. - North London

She really helped me with the feeding! She showed me how to do paced feeding, which prevented over feeding - that was useful! She was supportive of what i needed and had a relaxed approach and personality. She was discreet, respectful and reliable and followed my wishes. She had a very calm approach and she slotted easily into the family.

M.V. - Cheltenham

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