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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a live in maternity nurse?
    A live in maternity nurse also known as a 24 hour maternity nurse will come and stay with you and usually share a room with the baby. 24 hour care is often for 5 or 6 days a week but can be 2, 3 or 4 days it just depends on what the individual family needs. The maternity nurse will be on call through out the day and night (apart from a daily break). They will be on duty for when your baby wakes and will atend to anything they need. The baby can be brought to you if you are breastfeeding or the maternity nurse can bottle feed (formula or expressed) to give you more chance to rest. They will then resettle baby back to sleep. During the day they will look after the baby as well as do any of baby's laundry and the washing up and sterilizing required for bottles and pumping equiptment. The maternity nurse will be able to answer any questions that come up throughout the day whether that be feeding, routine or general baby care queries. One of the other big benefits of having a daily maternity nurse is that they see all aspects of the baby's day so have a full picture of what is happening and what little adjustments could be implemented to help improve things. The maternity nurse is to be provided with food and drink while on shift they can eat with the family or can eat seperately to give you time alone. Each day the maternity nurse will take a break to catch up on sleep or to get out and have some personal time to make sure they are rested. A bed must be provided and private space for the maternity nurse to be able to take their breaks (this can be the baby's room or another space but they should not be disturbed during the break).
  • What is a nightly maternity nurse?
    A nightly maternity nurse can help you to get through those hard hours. Depending on mums requirements they are able to feed and settle baby throughout the night using expressed milk or formula and give you a baby free sleep, or they can deliver baby to you for feeding and then take over again to settle baby back to sleep allowing you the best chance to recover after birth and get some sleep at nights so you can be on top form during the day. A nightly maternity nurse is paid on an hourly rate and comes to the house in the evening for the arranged hours. They will either support you in caring for your baby if you wish to breast feed or are able to take sole charge of the baby. They can help with getting baby to bed in the evening or they can arrive just before you go to bed and take over then. A night maternity nurse will still need to be provided with a suitable space for sleeping in with the baby. If you are looking for a waking nights maternity nurse this may be possible but will be subject to extra charges. There is a minimum number of hours per day to be booked for this service. The maternity nurse will do a handover in the morning and make sure all feeding equipment is cleaned and sterilised before leaving. This service is only available in certain areas so get in contact to discuss options.
  • What is a daily maternity nurse?
    A daily maternity nurse package can give you extra support while still being flexible. It is particularly popular with those who are learning the ropes, have had multiple babies, have older children or if you just need and extra pair of hands while your partner is at work during the day. A daily maternity nurse is paid on an hourly rate and comes to the house for the arranged hours. The maternity nurse is able to take sole charge of the baby so you can do whatever needs to be done or it can be shared care. This option gives you the chance to get rest during the day, to get any support you may want in caring for your baby, have individual time with other children or to be able to get on with other things that need doing. There is a minimum booking per day for this service (the length of which may depend on your location). A daily maternity nurse allows you the flexibility of choosing the hours you would like support but still having plenty of time alone as a family. The maternity nurse will do all baby related tasks while on shift and can offer advise and support on routines, feeding, sleeping and any other questions that may arise.
  • What is a trouble shooting consultation?
    If you have a specific issue that you would like to solve such as wanting to implement a routine or frequent night wakings in an older baby but you're not sure where to start with tackling the problem then we can do a trouble shooting consultation. From this you will walk away with a plan that you can implement yourself. A time will be arranged for a maternity nurse to visit you and sit down and discuss what is going on, what you want to achieve and the different options on how it can be done. They will then come back to you with a written plan with steps for you to action to help you achieve your goal. This is done hand in hand with email or phone support so they can check in with you and see how things are going and you can ask questions as you progress through the plan. This option can be combined with the hourly maternity rate if required so that you can have advice on hand or for the maternity nurse to implement the plan instead. If you would like to get started on trouble shooting or have more questions then please get in touch.
  • How are you qualified to do this job?
    I have worked with children for 18 years in various roles. I have a degree in Health and Social Care and Counselling and then in 2015 I received my level 4 qualification in Maternity nursing. Since then I have undertaken lots of training to expand my knowledge on babies, their care and issues that may affect you or your baby post birth. I regularly keep myself up to date with the latest research and actively look for learning opportunities to expand my knowledge. If you would like more information about my qualifications and experience then you can see this on the about me page. I also have my DBS (police check) and am insured as a maternity nurse. My First Aid is regularly renewed and is the extended paediatric training.
  • Can I see your qualifications and references?
    You can see all my qualifications listed on the about me page. There is also lots of references from previous clients available to see on the Testamonials page. If you would like anymore information just get in touch
  • When should I book a maternity nurse?
    That depends on current availability. Some people like to book as soon as they find out they are pregnant others start looking later in pregnancy. Some find they have questions once the baby is born and need some extra support. It is always worth asking as last minute availability is often available, as we know babies aren't born to schedule so there are often unexpected free weeks or gaps between bookings and in some cases a maternity nurse can start the same day of enquiry.
  • Are maternity nurses medically trained?
    No. A maternity nurse is not a registered nurse. The name is deceiving and why some prefer to use the term newborn care specialist. It is a question that gets asked regularly but actually comes from the original "Wet Nurses" rather than medical nurses. There are some Maternity nurses that have medical backgrounds in previous jobs such as midwives, health visitors or nurses but many have nanny or other childcare experience and qualifications instead.
  • Are maternity nurses expensive?
    Maternity nurses are experienced and qualified people that have lots of in depth knowledge and in some cases gone through lots of training to get to the level they are. A maternity nurse is self employed so is responsible for paying all their own taxes and other charges. They don't get holiday pay or sick pay and as such this is reflected in the hourly wage. The daily or nightly maternity nurse options allow flexibility for families to get support while working within their budget by choosing the number of hours or days they require. The 24 hourly maternity nurse rate is a discounted rate from the normal hourly rate. Take a look at the costs page here to get a better idea.
  • What should I look for in a maternity nurse?
    The main things that you should be looking for in all child carers is a valid DBS check (this replaced the CRB checks that England used to have), public liability insurance and valid paediatric first aid training. They should also have written references they are happy to show you if they have experience. Unfortunately there is no governing body that regulates who can and who can't work as a Maternity Nurse or that dictates what someone has to know to be a Maternity nurse. As such it can be difficult to know what you should be looking for. There are several organisations that offer Maternity Nurse training from level 3 and this should be a minimum requirement so you know that their knowledge is reasonably up to date. On top of this qualification there are many different courses out there that a good maternity nurse would also have to build their knowledge and keep up to date on guidelines and research. Some will specialise in one area such as sleep or multiple babies and others will have a broad overview of lots of different areas of newborn care. This is something to consider when deciding which maternity nurse is the best fit for you. Make sure you talk to the maternity nurse before committing to anything and discuss their approaches and thoughts on childcare. For example, you don't want to hire someone who is a strict Gina Ford maternity nurse if you are planning on a baby led approach. You also need to make sure that you are going to be happy with this person living in your house and that you can get along as you will be spending lots of time together. Above all do you feel that you can trust them. If you have any questions about qualifications or what to look for then please get in contact.
  • How long can I book a maternity nurse for?
    Every clients needs are different and there are no standard bookings. Some bookings are just for a night or two to give parents some respite, some a week or two to help recover immediately after birth, some for longer 6-8 weeks to get through thoses first few months or some are even for the first year of life. There is no right or wrong and this will all be discussed when you book so that the maternity nurse can help an advise on what the right solution is for you.
  • What about COVID-19?
    Maternity nurses are allowed to work within your home as a childcare support bubble. You can request that your maternity nurse isolates before coming to stay with you but there will normally be a daily charge for this as they will be unable to work for anyone else during this time. If you require the maternity nurse to do a Covid test before starting then this must be organised and paid for by yourself at a location convenient for the maternity nurse. If you or any of your household test positive then the maternity nurse should be told immediately. If she has already started working the Maternity nurse will leave and isolate. She will be paid for any hours that she should be working during this time. If the Maternity nurse experiences any symptoms then she will notify you immediately and will not be able to work. There will be no charge for the time that the maternity nurse is off and if she is unable to do the job at all then the deposit will be returned.
  • How do I know what support I need?
    Before any bookings are taken we will arrange a chat to discuss what your needs are and to see if and how I can help. I will listen to your situation and ask questions so we can find out the best plan of action and then give you the options available to you. This also gives you the chance to ask any questions you may have and decide if I am the right person to support you. Get in contact to book in a chat.
  • How do I make a booking?
    First thing to do is make contact. You can do this in a variety of ways which are all listed on the Get in Contact page. A rough idea of dates is helpful to have included in this contact so I can see if there is any availability. I will get back to you as soon as I am able once you have got in touch. Please bare in mind that there is no one sitting in an office and that it may take 24 hours for you to hear from me if I am on a job as I may not have the opportunity to ring back until my next break (sometimes email or message are easier). We will arrange a time that suits you to have a chat and discuss your requirements and I can then advise on the best options for you. After we have spoken you can take some time if needed to think things over. Once you confirm you would like to go ahead and dates have been agreed I will send over a contract and an invoice with the deposit payment information. Spaces can not be held and your booking is not confirmed until the signed contract is returned and the deposit has been received.
  • Do I need to pay a deposit?
    A deposit will be taken to confirm the booking. The deposit is one weeks pay for every 4 weeks booked. The deposit will then be used for payment of the final week of the booking. The deposit is non refundable.
  • Can I cancel my booking?
    If you feel that you need to cancel your booking then please get in touch and discuss the issues we may be able to help. Deposits are taken for any advance bookings, if you want to cancel your booking as you have changed your mind then the deposit will be kept.
  • I have older children as well as a baby. How does that work?
    That is absolutely fine. My priority on a maternity job is the newborn but I am there to support you as well so if you need to feed or do something with the baby then I am happy to keep older children busy for a while. I will also try and involve them with the baby so that they feel included. My background is in nannying and have looked after a wide range of children of different ages and abilities so am no stranger to older children. If you are looking for care for a newborn and an older child at the same time then please get in contact to discuss your requirements and the prices.
  • I have pets is that an issue?
    Pets are not an issue. I have always been surrounded by animals ever since I was brought home from the hospital and my first greeting was from our family collie dog. Since then there has been many different species of animals in my life from the standard dogs, cats and rabbits to horses, chickens, geese and even chipmunks. There is also the option to add animal care into the booking if needed so you can have the time you need to get back on your feet after your baby's birth. Get in contact to discuss this option and the price.

Below you will find some frequently asked questions about the types of support that can be offered, maternity nursing in general and also answers to specific questions about Emily's Babycare. You can also take a look at the dropdown menu above to explore more information about Emily and read some testimonials from previous clients. If you have any other questions or would like more information about anything mentioned here then please do get in contact.

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