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Below are the current fees for some of the available nanny services. These are just a guide and may change depending on the number of children requiring care, and other details. As every situation is different, before any booking is taken we will discuss your requirements and how I can best help. Get in touch here and we can arrange to have a chat to decide what will work best for you, the children and the rest of the family. Additional nannies may be required depending on numbers and I may be able to recommend someone for you.



Holiday Nannying - Hourly rate*

Holiday Nannying - Short days**

Holiday Nannying - Long days***

Holiday Nannying - Nights****

Holiday Nannying - 24 hours*****

Proxy Parenting - 24 hour care ^



available on request

please get in contact

p/hour rate - 3 hour minimum booking*

p/day rate - 8 consecutive hours included**

p/day rate - 12 consecutive hours included***

p/night rate - 10 hours of nighttime care****

p/day rate - this is to include a daily 4 hour break for respite*****

p/day rate - sole care 24 hour days ^

 The holiday nanny is self employed and responsible for their own tax payments.

Invoices are emailed to you and payments should be made via bank transfer (unless otherwise agreed) by the date stated. Late payments will be subject to late fees. If the booking is not an immediate booking then a deposit will be taken.  The deposit is non refundable and will be used against your final payment.



Additional Costs

For overseas bookings all the nanny's costs from door to door should be covered.


For UK based jobs travel may or may not be included depending on your location. This will be discussed with you when booking. Parking should be provided by the client and if within London then the congestion charge/ULEZ will also be payable.

You will need to provide the nanny with food and drinks while on shift.

If the nanny accompanies the children on outings or holidays then all her costs should be covered. This includes food, drinks, travel, accommodation (including on days off if abroad) and access to any activities you attend.


Any out of pocket costs the maternity nurse incurs for working abroad such as visas, insurance, and other entry requirements for working abroad will also be charged to you.

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