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Hello, I'm Emily. I specialise in newborn care and have my postnatal maternity nurse training at level 4, backed by 20 years of practical childcare experience. This has allowed me to specialise in working with parents and their newborns helping them to understand each other and get into a good routine. 


I usually favour a structured but flexible routine, though I am more than happy to talk to parents and work with the family to find an approach that best fits their way of life when it comes to feeding and sleeping routines. I have a keen interest in helping parents to diagnose and manage Reflux and Cows Milk Protein Allergy.


I believe it is essential to keep my skills up to date and regularly sign myself up to training courses as I love to develop my skills, as you can see from the courses I have completed below. 

I have been lucky enough to have worked with single babies, lots of twins, breastfed and formula fed babies, single parents and same sex parents. I have experience working alongside parents with anxiety, OCD and postnatal depression. As well as working with babies who have extra medical needs such as Downs syndrome, CMPA, Stridor, Laryngomalacia, Reflux and Jaundice. I have supported families while travelling abroad, worked in fully staffed houses and small family homes so am comfortable in all situations.

A big part of my life has been about travelling and seeing new and different parts of the world. I love to visit new places and have experienced living with different cultures in South Africa, Swaziland, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Dubai, Pakistan and France. I spent the last 7 winter seasons in a ski resort nannying and running a ski nanny agency. I loved the mountains so much that after 3 winter seasons I moved there full time. After spending 4 years in France I have just relocated back to the UK and am now living on the Cambridgeshire/Hertfordshire/Essex border. 


I like to be outside and active and love to snowboard and hike and am a regular attendee at Parkrun on a Saturday morning. Although I am also just as happy to be found curled up inside with a good book or film and some music.​ I'm a very laid back and calm person who takes everything in her stride.


Having grown up around animals I have no problem working in a home with domestic pets, horses and other smallholding animals and am quite happy to lend a hand with their care and exercise if the need arises.


· OCN Level 3 (2021) Sleep and Sleep Training in Children

· OCN Level 3 (2019) Reflux, CMPA and other Early Allergies

· ​OCN Level 3 (2018) Breastfeeding Training for Professionals

· DIPLOMA (2017) Counselling Children and Adolescents

· NCFE Level 2 (2017) Certificate in Understanding Autism

· ​OCN Level 3 (2016) Advanced Breastfeeding and Nutrition

· OCN Level 4 (2015) Postnatal Maternity Nurse Care

· DIPLOMA (2015) Child Behaviour (Distinction)

· BA (Hons) (2010- 2013) - Health and Social Care 

· NCFE Level 2 (2013) Understanding the Safe Handling of Medicines

· TEFL (2013) Master 140 TEFL Course (Distinction)

· NVQ (2006- 2008) - Level 3 Management

· AVCE (2005) - Health and Social Care (Double Award)

· A-Level (2005) - Psychology



·  Introductory Tongue Tie Awareness Course (currently studying)

·  Infant Microbiome (currently studying)

·  Maternal pregnancy, postnatal Complications and Birth Trauma

​·  ​Circumcision - practices and aftercare

·  Paediatric First Aid 12 hour

·  Reflux and Early Allergies

·  Sleep and Sleep Training with Children

·  Introduction to Play Therapy

·  Developmental Baby Massage

·  Teenage Pregnancy Awareness

·  Food Safety and Hygiene 

·  Essential People Management Skills

·  NSPCC Child Safeguarding

·  Emergency first aid at work

·  Early Childhood Education 

"She was just so lovely, she was like a breath of fresh air! She was very easy to have around. She fitted in, and she wasn't someone who felt strange to have around. She was great with suggesting ideas and suggesting different ways of caring for him."

"Emily has helped us so much over the last few months, she has supported us in caring for our premature little girl and now has her in the most fantastic routine."


"I would highly recommend her for your newborn whether its a day old or several weeks old baby who needs a change of routine. I myself will book her again for my next child."

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