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Samoens Ski Nannies Pricing Winter 19/20

There are two costs involved when booking a Samoens Ski Nanny. The booking fee and the nanny payment. You can find more details on each below.

Booking Fee

The booking fee ranges between £15 and £100 depending on how many hours you book. The booking fees have been reduced from last years prices and the more hours you book the better deal you get. The booking fee is per nanny.


 * Babysits are included in the booking fee cost when booking half days for a week or full days for a week.



Nanny Payment

The table below gives you a basic idea of the hourly nanny price. Please get in contact for a quote though as there are variations on these costs. The children's ages, your requirements and how many nannies are needed all need to be taken into account, along with if you are having a private nanny or doing a nanny share. Some of our nannies will be paid in £ and others will be paid in € depending on the individual nannies requirement. if you book a nanny when we first release the bookings we will quote in £ but you may have to pay the equivalent total as below in euros depending on which nanny you choose or get allocated. These costs are per hour and are based on 1 private nanny and the children all being over 5.

Get in contact to get a quote for your holiday.

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