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Feedback - Roxane

 Just wanted to let you know that Roxanne has been super - v impressed. The boys have had a lovely week with her, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone! Roxane Rocks! 



She was brilliant! J settled straight away with her and no problems at all. Thanks Roxane.

Emily and Roxanne - What a team!! Our group has just returned from a week in Samoëns and our children most importantly loved every minute! The kids hit it of with both Emily and Roxanne from Day 1 and we’re very disappointed when they had to say good bye at the end of the week. They were both very professional, reliable and caring all week. Will definitely use again in the future!! Thank you 🙏

Roxane thank you again for looking after E. We had such a great holiday!! We hope to return next year!

Roxanne was amazing for our 22 month old , she was so much fun and focused so much attention on doing stuff together that Ettie didn’t want her to leave! Naturally I was worried how the morning goodbyes would be with Ettie being so young but she would wave me off and grab Roxane’s hand to go and play. I can’t thank Roxane enough as our holiday was made so much more relaxed . The process was smooth start to finish with Sun and Snow Childcare. We would definitely use again. Thanks

Thanks so much for having the girls . C. always so happy after you :) thanks again x

💗she was very proud of her snow castles. X. We are home safely. Thanks again for all your help 💗 

Roxane, thank you again for looking after E..we had such a great holiday!! We hope to return next year.

Thanks so much for having the girls . C is always happy after you :) thanks again x

Thanks again - Knowing Roxane was looking after A gave us great peace of mind while we skied!


Thank you Roxanne, the kids have had a lovely week! Take care and enjoy the rest of your season here! Xx

💗D was very proud of her snow castles. X. We are home safely. Thanks again for all your help 💗

Roxane has worked for us on various occasions. We have three children who were at the time between 4 and 6 years old, she was fantastic in the ski resorts, very resourceful and she also worked for us in the Summer on the seaside. She is very creative, so always has things to do with the children and also very sporty so never runs out of energy. She also knows how to gain the children's respect and fits into any situation. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending her

Roxane has been a completely reliable and dependable ”Nanny” for want of a better word, for us over this last year.  She has a fantastic connection with children, and can easily cope with sizeable groups. I was always confident of the safety of the children under her care whether they be skiing or going on an excursion. She has a good concept of health and safety and has built up a wonderful rapport with all the children she has come across since working for us. I couldn’t recommend her more highly for any job in this field.

Roxane excelled in looking after our 8 and 10 year old. She was extremely diligent, conscientious and the children LOVE her (N.B no past tense although she left nearly 2 years ago.) I cannot give her higher praise or recommend her more.

She is efficient, punctual, responsible, and she knew how to respond to our different expectations. Roxane is creative, dynamic, she knows to adjust herself to the rhythm of the age group she takes care of. She demonstrates initiative and put into effect security rules necessary. In her attempt to do a good job, she pays a close attention to the children needs.

I first encountered Emily in 2015 - back then I had never left my 8-month old with anyone other than close family and friends, and my anxiety was compounded by the fact that we were in a completely different country too. However, as soon as she walked through the door with a warm smile and cuddle for my son, I knew she was going to give excellent care and attention to my toddler.  Fast forward four years (and 1 more child to add to the mix) and I am familiar with the whole Sun and Snow team! I can happily report that Emily, Val, Jamie and Roxanne are a dream team - all totally professional and with the relevant expertise in child care, but also with a natural kindness and patience that the kids are immediately at ease with. They also manage to inject fun and games alongside all of the necessary 'routine' bits of the day. This winter, we relied on all of the ladies (we had other friends with kids staying with us) to help us out at the chalet with the children and also to bring the kids up to the mountain for lessons/lunches, etc. They took everything in their stride - from packing the various layers of clothing to organising snacks and planning the rest of the activities around the day. They also kept us fully informed and took pictures of their day so that we could keep in touch with what they had experienced. Sun and Snow Childcare come with my highest recommendation.  

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