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Hello, I am Emily. I am a responsible, mature health and social care graduate who is experienced in both private childcare and working with children, adults and families within the charity sector. I have undertaken sole charge and shared care of children from newborn to 16 yrs with experience of holiday nannying, multiples, and varying learning and physical abilities. I am a calm, flexible and caring person who loves being with children and helping them to navigate life and become the best that they can be.


My Experience


I have been involved with caring for children for over 15 years. Originally helping out local families after school and in school holidays. Then when leaving school I went into retail management but continued to babysit, help out part time and do voluntary work with children and families around my job. After 8 years of retail I decided that it wasn't what I wanted to be doing for the rest of my career and moved into childcare instead. I spent 3 years working as a part time nanny/mothers help with 3 amazing children whilst completing my degree in Health and Social Care and Counselling. 


On completion of this I got involved in being a holiday nanny in a ski resort which I loved. I have now done three years in Samoëns part of the Grand Massif ski area, caring for children whilst on holiday from 13 weeks to 13 years old. It was here that I realised that looking after children, helping parents and seeing new places could all work together and the idea of Sun and Snow Childcare became reality.


In 2015 I decided to expand my knowledge of working with newborns and undertook my postnatal maternity nurse training. Giving me the opportunity to gain more experience and knowledge in helping mums and babies get acquainted and into a good routine. I have been lucky enough to have worked with lots of twins both breastfed and formula fed babies. I have also worked with babies who suffer with reflux and colic.


I now have the opportunity to spend the winters in my favourite ski resort and then spend the rest of the year alternating between maternity nursing, holiday nannying and getting away and travelling when I can.

I always like to be learning something new and regularly sign myself up to new training courses. I love to develop and update my skills and plan to study for sleep training qualifications in the future and intend to specialise in this area of maternity nursing and nannying.

Personal Life


As you may have guessed from my time spent in ski resorts a big part of my life has been about travelling and seeing new and different parts of the world. I love to visit new places and have experienced living with different cultures in South Africa, Swaziland, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and France.


I like to be outside and active and love to snowboard and hike and have recently started to run having become a regular attendee at Parkrun on a Saturday morning. Although I am also just as happy to be found curled up inside with a good book or film and some music.​ I'm a very laid back and calm person who takes everything in her stride.


Having grown up around animals I have no problem working in a home with domestic pets, horses and smallholding animals and am quite happy to lend a hand with their care and exercise if the need arises.



· ​OCN Level 3 (2016) Advanced Breastfeeding and Nutrition

· OCN Level 4 (2015) Postnatal Maternity Nurse Care

· DIPLOMA (2015) Child Behaviour (Distinction)

· BA (Hons) (2010- 2013) - Health and Social Care 

· NCFE (2013) Level 2 Understanding the Safe Handling of             Medicines

· TEFL (2013) Master 140 TEFL Course (Distinction)

· NVQ (2006- 2008) - Level 3 Management

· AVCE (2005) - Health and Social Care

· A-Level (2005) - Psychology




·  Paediatric First Aid 12 hour

·  Sleep and Sleep Training with Children

·  Introduction to Play Therapy

·  Developmental Baby Massage

·  Teenage Pregnancy Awareness

·  Food Safety and Hygiene 

·  Essential People Management Skills

·  NSPCC Child Safeguarding

·  Emergency first aid at work

·  Early Childhood Education 


Emily was friendly and relaxed and we instantly felt comfortable leaving our four month old son with her. He was so chilled out that week we can only think he enjoyed his time with Emily!! I certainly felt relaxed the whole time he was with her which allowed us to enjoy our skiing time.

 K.C.               April, 2015

Emily was excellent, she was punctual, smiling, was very confident in dealing with two active toddlers and planned several activities a day for the boys. My sister and I both agreed that Emily was the best Alps based nanny we have had. 

R. told us yesterday that the favourite part of the holiday was his time with Emily so you can’t really beat that for feedback!


 J.H.           January, 2014

The children adore her and often ask when they will see Emily again. Soon hopefully!!! 

E.D.                 July, 2015

It was the first time I had left V. apart from with my parents for a few hours and I needn't have worried at all! Emily did a fantastic job and we were really happy with her .

S.T.                 April, 2014

Thankyou again for being so brilliant with the kids and making our holiday even more stress free and relaxing

K.B.               March, 2014

We found Emily to be friendly punctual and had complete trust in her with our children. Her calm and steady personality was just what was needed with 3 excitable girls and they resonded to her accordingly. Thankyou for everything.

K.D.           February, 2014

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